General FAQs

What are health supplements? Read the answer » Health supplements provide specific nutrients that the body needs to support natural processes, such as healthy digestion, the burning of food for energy, a healthy immune response, and more. OptimHealth provides an entire line of supplements that target specific health needs.

These supplements are organized by condition. Why? Read the answer » Due to natural aging, family heredity or lifestyle choices, adults often encounter similar types of health problems. We call these problems “conditions.” Normally, health-conscious adults would need to research individual ingredients themselves and then combine those ingredients in effective doses to support a specific condition. This can cause confusion and overwhelm. OptimHealth has done extensive research and worked with expert Western institutions to combine the most effective ingredients for each condition into a single formulation. This allows us to pass along the benefits of years of research to our customers.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription to take these supplements? Read the answer » No. OptimHealth supplements are all made from natural ingredients, many of which the body naturally produces when healthy. These products are not intended to treat or cure diseases, and as such, do not require a doctor’s prescription.

Are these products vegetarian? Read the answer » Guaranteed. All OptimHealth products carry the symbol, which signifies our products are 100% vegetarian.

Can older adults take these supplements? Read the answer » Yes. In fact, many of the reasons for taking supplements increase as we age. The bodies of aging adults have gradually declining levels of numerous bio-active constituents. Constituents, such as Co Q 10 or digestive enzymes, which were once produced in adequate amounts, naturally decline with age. Older adults can provide these nutrients through supplements and help to mitigate the health impact of natural functional declines associated with aging.

How can I know these supplements are safe? Read the answer » Every OptimHealth product has been formulated by experts who have conducted extensive reviews on the safety and efficacy of each included ingredient. OptimHealth takes safety seriously and does not include ingredients in its products that have not been proven safe.

Can children take these supplements? Read the answer » These supplements are not intended for use by children.

What does "nutrient" mean? Read the answer » A nutrient is dietary intake that provides nourishment to the body. Ingredients may contain multiple nutrients.

Can pregnant and lactating women take these products? Read the answer » The nutritional needs of pregnant women, nursing mothers, and women that may become pregnant, may differ from those of other adults. Please consult your physician when adding dietary supplements to your daily nutrition.

Nutritional support for specific health conditions

Your body needs a broad range of daily nutrients, which can make managing dietary intake complicated. OptimHealth’s line of dietary supplements combines modern ingredients of optimal potency with traditional Ayurvedic nutrients to help you meet your body’s complex nutritional needs. These integrated formulations were developed in collaboration with expert Western formulators and researchers. Each formulation marries years of scientific research with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to deliver nutritional support for optimal health. Keep nutrition simple with premium supplements shown to support robust health and vitality.

OptimHealth premium supplements deliver integrated nutritional support for specific conditions: 

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  • OptimHealth products use all vegetarian ingredients
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